SELECTONE® function (our original sound quality adjustment function) *


The Pokke® sel1 enables the user to select the sound quality wherever they go, in order to hear words more clearly.

To adjust the sound quality on the Pokke® sel1, simply slide the front knob to select a sound that is easy to hear.

In situations with a lot of background noise, it is possible to make adjustments so that conversation can be heard more clearly.

*Our original sound quality adjustment function – "SELECTONE®" – contains a built-in circuit allowing the user to continuously adjust sound quality using a single knob to increase or decrease high and low frequencies (patents filed in Japan and the U.S.).

The "SELECTONE® function" in the Pokke® sel1 enables you to control the following troublesome noises:

  • Paper rustling noise ⇒ Adjust to the L direction
  • Running water noise ⇒ Adjust to the L direction
  • Plates clanging noise ⇒ Adjust to the L direction
  • Door opening/closing noise ⇒ Adjust to the H direction
  • Car running noise ⇒ Adjust to the H direction
  • Ventilator and air conditioner noise ⇒ Adjust to the H direction

The Pokke® sel1 can be adjusted by the user to make it easier to catch the voice they want to hear.

While listening to sound or conversation on the TV news, slowly move the sound quality adjuster (slide volume) to a position where you can clearly hear the words.

  • H : Move the knob to the H side, and the high frequency will become strong.
    If you are not hearing words clearly, turn it to hear them more clearly.
    It becomes easy to hear in quiet places, such as indoors.
  • N : Set the knob to the N position for an almost equal balance between high and low frequencies.
  • L : Move the knob to the L side, and the low frequency will become strong. Turn it to make high-pitched sounds softer.
    In places with a lot of background noise, such as in crowds, the sounds will become calmer.

(The position for easy hearing will also change depending on the surrounding noise and other factors. Please adjust the knob each time to a position where it is easy to hear.)