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"From the cutting edge to the field" this is MIMY's technical strength.

Since our establishment, we have developed and manufactured a range of medical equipment, mainly in the otorhinolaryngology field. Our products include audiometers, infant hearing screeners, hearing checkers, hearing aid compatibility testing devices, tympanic membrane anesthetic devices, and audiology test rooms.

We have so far developed over 160 different products from prototype, with a track record of supplying our first infant hearing screener to the current National Rehabilitation Center and also our first hearing checker to Special Needs Education School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba.

Following a request from teachers at that school for the deaf for "what children need," we also incorporated opinions from the field and developed products such as magnetic loop devices.

Rollout of the world's first hearing aids with a listening adjustment knob that enables the user to adjust sound quality while "listening"

"I bought an expensive hearing aid, but am not satisfied."
"I can't be bothered to make frequent visits to a hearing aid store."

Many people tend to avoid using hearing aids for these reasons.

As a solution to this problem and at the request of an otolaryngologist who had specialized for many years in research on the fitting of hearing aids, in 1997 we developed and began selling a box hearing aid with a listening adjustment knob that enables the user to adjust the sound quality themselves while "listening." Taking this opportunity, we began developing and selling various types of unique hearing aids.

Once users were able to make adjustments to the hearing aids by themselves, it became possible to sell them through mail order, and we have received strong support from a total of 50,000 users.