What is the battery life?
It depends on your usage situation, such as volume and season (temperature, humidity).
Pocket type (AA / AAA dry battery): approx. 30 days based on 8 hours' daily use.
In-the-canal type (air battery PR41): approx. 14 days based on 8 hours' daily use
Note: Air batteries sometimes fail to deliver their original performance at low temperatures, or their life may be shortened.
I can't put the earplug in properly ...
Each person has a different size and direction of earhole. First, ask someone to check the size and direction of your earhole.
Can I talk on the phone with a hearing aid?
Household phones differ depending on the model, but most can be used.
Cell phones can also be used, although you may hear some noise with certain models.
Can I wear glasses and use a behind-the-ear type?
Most aids will enable you to wear glasses, but it may be difficult to hang the aid on the ear, depending on the thickness of the frame.
Is it safe for a pacemaker user to wear a hearing aid?
The dry batteries and button batteries used in hearing aids are low voltage. They do not emit strong enough electromagnetic waves to affect a pacemaker.
Which ear should I use a hearing aid in?
It is generally used in the one with less hearing, but you will need a consultation since each person's hearing level is different.
Should I wear a hearing aid in both ears?
Hearing sounds with both ears enables you to get a sense of sound direction, which makes it easier for you to hear sounds in a noisy environment than when hearing with only one ear. However, you are recommended to first wear a hearing aid in one ear to get used to it.