Address : Sakaecho 6-16-1, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0003 JAPAN
TEL:042-538-3316 (HQ)
TEL:042-538-5733 (Tokyo hearing aids customer service center)

Osaka hearing aids customer service center
Utsubo-honmachi 2-5-14, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0004 Japan
TEL: 06-7506-9105


Aug 1979 MIMY ELECTRONICS LTD was established in Tokyo for the development and manufacture of medical equipment mainly in the otorhinolaryngology field.
1988 Developed a digital barometer and digital altimeter with a development grant from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government; granted a patent in the U.S. and Europe.
Jul 1997 Developed and began selling a new type of self-fitting pocket hearing aid in collaboration with an otolaryngologist.
May 1999 Established the "Hearing Aids Support Center" as a base for after-sales service for hearing aids.
Nov 1999 Developed and began selling self-fitting, behind-the-ear hearing aids.
Jul 2000 Conducted commissioned research with Juntendo University and modeled new technology.
Mar 2001 Developed and began selling in-the-canal hearing aids for severe hearing loss (up to 72dB) in cooperation with Starkey and following the development of an earplug to prevent howling (three patents pending).
Oct 2003 Developed and began selling self-fitting digital in-the-canal hearing aids.
Jul 2007 Developed and began selling pocket hearing aids equipped with switchable microphones close to the ear and inside the main body, in addition to a built-in circuit that can be continuously adjusted using a single knob to increase or decrease high and low frequencies (patents filed in Japan and the U.S.).
Nov 2010 Developed and began selling an audiometer for the easy performance of hearing tests at speciality hearing aid and glasses stores.
Sep 2012 Developed and began selling pocket hearing aids with a switch for the easy changing of sound quality and volume.
Nov 2015 Developed in cooperation with Starkey and began selling in-the-canal hearing aids, which may be fitted in either the left or right ear due to its flexible joint and come equipped with a howling canceler and noise control.
Dec 2016 Established the "Hearing Aids Support Center Osaka" in Osaka City as a service base in the Kansai region.